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Creative industries demand decision-makers cancel the devastating cutback on the compensation for private copying

The extensive ‘Älä anna kulttuurin kadota’ (Don’t let culture disappear) of the creative industries, which was started in June, demands that decision-makers maintain the fair compensation for private copying. According to the creative industries, the Government’s decision to cut the funding from 11 million to 5.5 million would be unjustified and devastating for the cultural offering throughout Finland.
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Our message to decision-makers: We must harness creative industries' growth potential

Government negotiators are currently considering ways to promote economic growth and employment. In this context, we must not forget the potential of the arts and cultural industries, which, if properly harnessed, can be important not only for economic growth but also for export. Moreover, culture has strong intrinsic value and also plays an important role in promoting people’s well-being and mental resilience.
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