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Kopiosto’s copyright remunerations to creative industries: EUR 66 million paid in 2020

In 2020, Kopiosto distributed almost EUR 66 million in copyright remunerations to performing artists, authors, publishers and producers. The amount of remuneration increased by an exceptional EUR 20 million from the previous year. The increase in distribution was due to the fact that last year, among other remunerations, a multi-year accumulation of remunerations was settled with APFI, which represents audiovisual producers.
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Finnish parliament’s budget decision for 2019: compensation for private copying to remain at the current level

The Finnish Parliament has decided to keep the compensation for private copying at the current level in the budget for 2019. A significant number of members of parliament from all parties were behind the cross-party advocacy work. The common goal is to prepare a reform of the current budget-based system during the government’s term in office that begins after the election.
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