We help organisations access and use publications and audiovisual works easily and legally. We also ensure that creative industry professionals receive the appropriate remuneration for the use of their works. We are the most extensive copyright organisation representing the creative industry in Finland. Read more about Kopiosto


How can I receive remuneration from Kopiosto?

We can defend your interests and look after your rights after you give Kopiosto an authorisation to manage your copyrights. Every year, we pay millions of euros in copyright remunerations directly to authors and via our member organisations. We make sure that you receive the appropriate remuneration from the use of your works.

Copyright agreement for audiovisual authors and performing artists

Kopiosto authorisation for writers and visual artists

Information about audiovisual remunerations


Acquire a licence to use works

The use and copying of audiovisual works or publications usually requires a licence from the author or publisher of the work. We provide companies and educational institutions with an extensive licence to use a wide variety of works. The collected remunerations from sold licences help secure the future of the creative industry and professional content production.

Licences for works

Copying licences for companies

Educational use of TV programmes

Our goals for the parliamentary term 2023–2027

Copyright legislation must keep up with the times: it must be reformed to meet the changes in society and the creative industries.

Legislation must be used to secure an operating environment for authors, performing artists and publishers in the creative industries, where agreements on the use of works can be made smoothly. Authors and other copyright holders must be able to live on their own work and investments in different kinds of content.

Actions must be taken during the Government term to ensure fair and supportive copyright legislation as well as predictable copyright revenue for the operators in the field.

For this reason, we propose that the reform of the Copyright Act should continue during the Government term. This is linked to three issues:

  1. developing a comprehensive and flexible licence system included in the Copyright Act, i.e. an extended collective licence
  2. continuing the reform of the Copyright Act from domestic starting points
  3. ensuring that the Ministry of Education and Culture will continue to manage issues related to the Copyright Act in the future, too.

Learn more about our goals for the parliamentary term (in Finnish)

AVEK – Tailwinds for audiovisual culture

The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK) is part of Kopiosto and uses copyright remunerations to promote the many forms of audiovisual culture in Finland. AVEK funds the production of new documentary films, short animations, short films and media art.

AVEK grants 

The ©-info icon shows you the author details and usage rights of the content on the website

©-info is an icon found on websites, clicking on which shows you the author details and usage rights of the content on the website. By clicking on the icon, you can find out who made and produced the content: images, articles, videos and other material. The use of ©-info is free of charge, and you can add the icon to any website.

Are you familiar with the basics of copyrights?

Copyright gives authors of creative work the right to decide on the use of their works as defined in the Finnish Copyright Act. Authors of creative works that hold copyrights include writers, visual artists, photographers, screenwriters, directors, choreographers, composers, lyricists and translators.

These pages include the basic rules of copyrights:

The ABC of copyright

Copyright glossary

Frequently asked questions about copyright

Copyright protects your creative work

More than 100,000 Finns are already employed in the creative industries. Guaranteed by the Finnish Copyright Act, authors in the creative industries enjoy strong copyright protection. It improves their overall income and enables the creation of new content. An up-to-date and efficient copyright system benefits society as a whole.

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